Service Areas A7: Milan - Genoa

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The motorway A7 in Italy is between the cities Milan and Genoa. It starts in Milan at Piazza Maggi and goes south.

Service Areas and Rest Areas on Motorway A7 in Italy

In Italy the motorway A7 is a north-south connection between the cities of Milan in the north and Genoa in the south. Genua is on the italian coast to the middle sea. The »Autostrada« A7 in Italy starts on the south-west of the city center of Milan at Piazza Maggi. The A7 motorway in Italy passes Tortona, Vignole, Busalla and goes straight to Genoa. At the west side of Genoa it meets the italian motorway A10. You are crossing the regions Lombardy, Piemand and Liguria while driving on the motorway A7 in Italy.

The sequence of rest areas and service areas on the motorway in Italy is shown already in your driving direction. If we have exact measurements, we also give you an information about the distance from the beginning of the motorway. Both directions are listed here seperately. But the numbers which show the kilometers are always taken from the official beginning of the motorway in Italy. So one list is with increasing numbers and the other list is with decreasing numbers.

For a better experience. We have marked the stops with Petrol Stations as strong text. Also for your orientation, we put some major exits on the motorway in Italy in our list. This helps you to find the service areas and rest areas on this motorway more easily. So now you can enjoy your trip in Italy on the motorway A7 from Milan to Genoa or from Genoa to Milan.

Motorway A7: Milan - Genoa (Southbound)

This list shows the service areas and rest areas on the motorway A7 in Italy. This »Autostrada« starts in Milan and goes to the south to Genoa.

  • 0,5: Cantalupa (Petrol Station, Toilets)
  • 33,6: Dorno West (Restaurant)
  • 60,6: Castelnuovo West (Petrol Station, Toilets)
    Turn off of the motorway, where the motorway shares the name of two different motorways (A7 and A26) westbound.

Exit: Tortona

  • 80,3: Bettole Novi Ligure West (Petrol Station, Toilets)
  • 92,5: Valle Scrivia West (Petrol Station, Toilets)
  • 106,1: Giovi West (Petrol Station, Toilets)

Motorway A7: Genoa - Milan (Northbound)

Coming from Genoa you take the motorway A4 in Italy to the north and you will finish your trip in Milan on the south-west side of the city.

  • 133,2: La Lanterna East (Petrol Station, Toilets)
  • 116,6: Campora East (Petrol Station, Toilets)
  • 106,1: Giovi East (Petrol Station, Toilets)
  • 80,3: Bettole Novi Ligure East (Petrol Station, Toilets)

Exit: Tortona

  • 60,6: Castelnuovo East (Petrol Station, Toilets)
  • 33,6: Dorno East (Restaurant)
  • 0,5: Cantalupa (Petrol Station, Toilets)

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