Hints and Tricks for Car Divers

How do I save money on motorways? And how do I save fuel? These pages should lead you to save money and become an intelligent driver. We know that you need a car for your trip. But you can help save the environment and you can save money with our hints. As a matter of fact, driving in a cleaner way can save up to 20 % of fuel or gas.

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Common Tips to save Fuel

If you want to save your fuel, you can do it by up with these simple things. Of course, everything we list here should be no secret to you anymore. Because this is more like basic stuff for experienced car drivers. But nevertheless, you should always keep these things in mind. Maybe reading them again helps.

Avoid Long Idling to save Fuel

How many kilometers or miles can your car drive for 1 liter of fuel? Well, the worst mileage you can have is just 0. This happens when it idles. So if you are idling for a long time period, maybe at a railroad crossing, in a traffic jam or when you drive to the side to take a phone call, simply turn off your engine. If you restart your engine, you might know, that it takes more fuel for a restart. So the common rule is: If you stop by for more than 30 seconds, it is worth it to turn the engine off. But keep also in mind, that your security might be a topic here. Because if you turn off the engine, some of the features of your car, might also be switched off. For example, the airbag normally does not work, when the engine is off. So, do this of course only if there is no possibility of a collision.

Check Your Tires: Keep them Inflated correctly

Wrong air pressure in your tires can cost you up to 2 percent of fuel economy by every pound of pressure below the proper level of inflation. If your tires are underinflated by 4 to 5 psi below the recommendation of the tire manufacturing company, you could lose 10 percent of fuel. Also, this causes problems for the lifetime of your tires, and you might know, that tires also cost money.

So if you are at the service station or at a gas station try to check your inflation level and watch out for the information material about the optimal pressure of your tires.

Save electric Energy in your Car

Many people forget about this. But every piece of energy in your car is made by the machine. And therefore every Volt of electric power also needs fuel. So, if you can, if it is allowed in your area and the sight is good, don't turn on the lights. Also, use Air Conditioning sparingly. If you switch off Air Condition in your car, this can help you save between 5 and 20 percent of your fuel usage.