Service Areas A4: Turin - Sistiana / Triest

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Motorways in Italy are called »Autostrade«. You can take the motorway A4 in the north of Italy to go between east and west.

Service Areas and Rest Areas on Motorway A4 in Italy

The italian motorway A4 »Autostrada A4« is a motorway between Turin in the west and Triest on the east side of northern Italy. The motorway A4 is about 522 kilometers long. The important cities on your way on this motorway A4 in Italy are Turin, Milan, Venice, Verona, Sistiana and Triest.

The sequence of rest areas and service areas on the motorway in Italy is shown in your driving direction. If we have exact measurements, we also give you an information about the distance from the beginning of the motorway. Both directions are listed here seperately. But the numbers which show the kilometers are always taken from the official beginning of the motorway in Italy. This is why you might see one direction with increasing numbers. The other direction has decreasing numbers next to the service area names. The regions you go trough, when driving the motorway in Italy are Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto, Friuli and Venezia Giulia.

For a better experience. We have marked the stops with Petrol Stations as strong text. Also for your orientation, we put some major exits on the motorway in Italy in our list. This helps you to find the service areas and rest areas on this motorway more easily. So now you can enjoy your trip in Italy on the motorway A4 from Turin to Triest or from Triest to Turin.

Motorway A4: Turin - Triest (Eastbound)

This list shows the service areas and rest areas on the motorway A4 in Italy. This »Autostrada« starts in Turin and goes to the east to Triest. There you can cross the border to the country of Slovenia. (There is a gap between the motorways in Italy and Slovenia, you have to take a speedway in between.)

  • 3,2: Settimo South (Petrol Station)
  • 24,2: San Rocco South (Petrol Station)
  • 64,2: Villarboit South (Petrol Station)
  • 88,7: Novara South (Petrol Station)
  • 119,0: Rho South (Petrol Station)
  • 128,5: Novate South (Petrol Station)

Exit: Milan

  • 133,6: Lambro South (Petrol Station)
  • 148,4: Brianza South (Petrol Station)
  • 165,7: Brembo South (Petrol Station)
  • 197,5: Sebino South (Petrol Station)
  • 213,7: Valtrompia South (Petrol Station)
  • 227,5: San Giacomo East (Petrol Station)
  • 232,2: Capagnola (Parking Area, Toilet)
  • 245,6: Monte Alto East (Petrol Station)
  • 268,4: Val die Sona (Parking Area, Toilet)
  • 272,7: Monte Baldo South (Petrol Station)

Exit: Verona

  • 301,7: Scaligera East (Petrol Station)
  • 337,0: Tesina East (Petrol Station)
  • 355,5: Limenella East (Petrol Station)
  • 373,5: Arino East (Petrol Station) // Special Info about A57 with Rest Areas around Venice, scroll down to read this hint.

​Exit: Venice Airport | A27

  • 425,5: Calstorta South (Petrol Station)
  • 481,4: Gonars South (Petrol Station)
  • 513,3: Duino South (Petrol Station)

Motorway A4: Triest - Turin (Westbound)

Coming from Triest you take the motorway A4 in Italy to the west.

  • 513,3: Duino North (Petrol Station)
  • 481,4: Gonars North (Petrol Station)
  • 425,5: Calstorta North (Petrol Station) // Special Info about A57 with Rest Areas around Venice, scroll down to read this hint.

Exit: Venice Airport | A27

  • 373,5: Arino West (Petrol Station)
  • 355,5: Limenella West (Petrol Station)
  • 323,4: Villa Morosini West (Petrol Station)
  • 301,7: Scaligera West (Petrol Station)

Exit: Verona

  • 274,0: Monte Baldo North (Petrol Station)
  • 268,4: Val die Sona (Parking Area, Toilet)
  • 245,6: Monte Alto West (Petrol Station)
  • 232,2: Capagnola (Parking Area, Toilet)
  • 227,5: San Giacomo West (Petrol Station)
  • 213,7: Valtompia North (Petrol Station)
  • 197,5: Sebino North (Petrol Station)
  • 165,7: Brembo North (Petrol Station)
  • 148,4: Brianza North (Petrol Station)
  • 133,6: Lambro North (Petrol Station)

Exit: Milan

  • 122,9: Pero North (Petrol Station)
  • 88,7: Novate North (Petrol Station)
  • 64,2: Villarboit North (Petrol Station)
  • 31,9: Cigliano North (Petrol Station)
  • 3,2: Settimo East (Petrol Station)

Special Information about Rest Areas around Venice (A57)

Next to Venice the motorway A4 surrounds the city. If there is low traffic you could also decide to use the A57, this motorway is going trough the city. You would save about 5 kilometers on the motorway if you choose to go on A57 instead of surrounding the city of Venice. And there are two additional service areas on this motorway for you. But usually you would not save time on this road, because of traffic and speed limits. So if you do not need a service area on your trip while passing Venice, stay at the A4 motorway in Italy.

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