Last Petrol Station before Denmark

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You are going to Denmark coming from the southern border via Germany? Keep in mind: Fuel and Gas are expensive in Denmark.

Last Petrol Stations before Denmark

Many drivers take a look for a gas station before entering the country of Denmark, especially from the southern border. Because of the prices for fuel and gas in Denmark a pretty high. Denmark is like the Netherlands and Italy one of the high price countries for fuel in Europe. You pay more and of course, also like the rest of Europe you pay more than more if you are going to a motorway service area instead of a gas station in the rural area of the country.

The price level of fuel and gasoline in Denmark is high, as you can see in our list of prices for fuel in different countries. The prices for gasoline and diesel are about 10 to 20 percent higher than in other countries south of Denmark.

Last Petrol Stations in Germany

When you go from Germany to Denmark you are probably on the german motorway A7. So what is the last petrol station before reaching Denmark? This is tricky because it is more than 50 kilometers away from the border.

  • Motorway Germany A7 / BAB7: Service station and rest area »Hüttenberger Berge Ost«
    Additional Info: The motorway area is about 57 kilometers away from the Danish border. There is another motorway area closer to the border, but this one is on the other direction southbound. So you can use this only if you come from Denmark to the south.

Save more Money...

If you leave the motorway to go to a petrol station in a city or suburban areas, you take the last exit on the motorway A7 / BAB7 in Germany which is "Flensburg / Harrislee". This exit of the motorway is quite close to the Danish border. You can then take the federal road B199 either in direction west or east. West means you cross the motorway A7 with a bridge.

  • B199: Westbound (drive through under the motorway A7) direction to Handewitt
    • Gas Station "Team Scandinavian Park"
      Scandinavian-Park 1, 24983 Handewitt, Telefon: +49 4608 9716560​
    • Shell Gas Station
      B199, 24983 Handewitt, Telefon: +49 4608 334​
    • Erich Rasmussen Gas Station
      Lecker Chaussee 36, 24983 Handewitt, Telefon: +49 4607 334
  • B199: Eastbound direction to Flensburg Airport and City of Flensburg
    • Star Gas Station Jörg Bansemer
      Lilienthalstraße 4, 24941 Flensburg, Telefon: +49 461 5700366​
    • Team Gas Station
      Am Friedenshügel 39, 24941 Flensburg, Telefon: +49 461 80717747
How far are the gas stations away from the motorway?

The gas stations westbound are about 1.5 kilometers away from the exit of the motorway, so you drive 3 kilometers all in for the whole roundtrip. The gas stations eastbound are about 3 kilometers away from the exit of the motorway in Flensburg and you drive 6 kilometers for the whole roundtrip.